About me

About Me

Originally from the Netherlands, but now living in Colombia. Former high school teacher turned full-stack developer. With a strong background in data analysis, my main focus and interest lie in the clear and concise communication of new data insights through interesting and well developed (web) apps.

I strongly believe that data analysis and communication is not just for experts in their respective fields, but for all those who want to know more about the subjects of their interest. I have other strongly held beliefs, but won’t bore you with them here. At least not for now.

Shoot me a line

If you liked what you saw and you’re looking for someone to create a solution for your data issue, or if you just have questions or remarks, you can always send me an e-mail at: info@showntelldata.com

Check out some of my code

As long as Microsoft doesn’t ruin it and I am allowed to, I will try to share the code for the projects I have worked on through Github. I will perpetually be behind on moving repositories there, so for that I apologize in advance. But, if you want to have a look you can find it here

If you really want to, follow me on social media…

I am not a big user of social media, but every now and then I will tweet and/or post about some current project, or one of those strongly held beliefs. No guarantees though. If you would still like to follow me on social media you can check out my Twitter and LinkedIn.